Anoki Vest Bronze

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Made in Greece

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The perfect addition to any look, this stunning vest is featured in a shiny quilted fabrication. Adjusts both sides with ribbons.

Wear it to upgrade any outfit of yours and make your own statement.


    Fabric Composition

    100% rayon

    Made in Greece

    Care and washing instructions

    Dry clean

    Size Guide

    Waist Adjustable / Total Length 46cm


    OS (XS to M)

    Back in 2019, Katerina, Antriana, and Antonis decided to create a brand that could represent a girl who is fearless, powerful, and thinks out of the box. With iconic vests as the company’s footprint, dynamic designs and textiles bring The Jerkins girl to a new era. A globe trotter, whose style is effortlessly unique. Through the versatility of prints and additional accessories, the company creates outstanding pieces that abstain from the ordinary.